As of November 28 we no longer ship our tarts. Please look at “more news” for our events.

Extra Large: $22.00
Large: $16.50
Small: $8.75 each, minimum order of 2

The queen of fruits with our special crust is beyond description.

9" Extra Large Tart
Good for a party
or the entire family

7.5" Large Tart
5-6 moderate slices

5" Small Tart
This smaller size tart
has a minimum order
of four. Ideal for one
hungry person or
2-4 modest slices

Price includes UPS ground. If you are outside our area (NY, MA, VT, ME, NH, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, NC, VA, KY, IL, MI) we will contact you with 2nd day shipping pricing.